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Your website is your chief digital marketing tool that should solve a particular problem — a “pain point” — for your business. Do you need more leads? Do you want more exposure or increase your brand awareness? Your website should be designed to address what you want to solve.
The overall design for your website should follow contemporary, best-practices that will be consistent with your brand. Also, since most people now use their mobile devices first when looking up businesses on the web, make sure that the pages are mobile-friendly, according to the most popular screen sizes.
If you like to remain in control of your marketing message, you have the ability to add to and edit your own content, without knowing HTML or other other coding, scripting, or programming. If you can create a Word document, you can edit your website. Or, updating your content can be part of a support plan with Morgan Web Solutions.
Furthermore, if you collect any information from your audience — their names and email, for example — you’ll need a Privacy Policy. (Here’s mine.) Also, if your target audience includes those who are visually-impaired, you ought to know if your site is ADA-compliant. 
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The best websites begin with proper planning. including making your website ADA compliant.

Web Hosting & Support Plans

A well-crafted website is only as good as its hosting. It’s imperative to have nearly 100% uptime, reliable security features, and fast page loads.
While no website is completely immune, we can make sure that best practices are in place so that your website isn’t easily hacked. In this unlikely event, your site will be restored ASAP from regularly scheduled backups.
Fast page loads is an SEO factor. Morgan Web Solutions uses a LiteSpeed Web Server, ensuring a quick website.
We can customize a monthly support plan that will meet your specific needs, including updates and fine-tuning of your site. If necessary, services can grow as your business needs grow. For example, if you want a blog or online store, these can be easily added to your existing site.

Fast page loads

Morgan Web Solutions uses a LiteSpeed Web Server, ensuring fast page loads.

Local Search Results

With Morgan Web Solutions, you can put into practice the best search engine techniques for local businesses. What constitutes “best practices” has changed over the years since Google continually changes its algorithms. All search engines reward good results to those websites with genuine, fresh content that is thoughtfully organized.
No one “magic bullet” will put your website at the top of search results. Yet, there are steps to improve your website’s rankings. Most of these steps are included in a website that is optimized for search engines. There are other steps to follow apart from your site. You can ask me about SEO here.

Search Engine Optimization

Discover ways to get found.

The Next Step

Most websites need to address a problem, to solve a “pain point”. Your website may even have a unique requirement that needs customization. So, you need a web solution, not just a website.

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