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Defining Your Website's Purpose

The most important digital marketing tool for your business is your website. As a marketing tool, it should address a specific issue, a “pain point,” that your business faces. Are you looking to generate more leads, increase exposure or enhance your brand awareness? Who is your target customer and what are they using to access your website?

Designing Your Website

Your website should reflect your brand — your values, strengths, and goals. It should fit in well with your other marketing and advertizing collatoral, such as your logo, signage, and print materials.
Your website should also follow the latest best practices. For example, it should be optimized to be found in local web searches (search engine optimization. And, with mobile devices becoming the most popular way for people to search for businesses on the web, it’s essential that your pages are mobile-friendly and responsive to various screen sizes. Also, if you collect any information from your audience, such as their names and email addresses, you will need a Privacy Policy. I can assist you in creating one. Additionally, if your target audience includes people with visual impairments, it’s crucial to ensure that your website is ADA-compliant.

An Easy-to-use Website

Maintaining control of your online presence is important. That’s why I like to empower my clients to add and edit their content without requiring any knowledge of coding or programming. Updating your content can also be included as part of our support plans.
WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform, allows for easy customization and flexibility. With thousands of plugins and themes available, a business like yours can easily create a website that meets their unique needs. WordPress also provides a user-friendly interface, allowing even non-technical users to make updates and changes to their website content.
Additionally, WordPress is highly SEO-friendly, providing businesses with the ability to optimize their site for search engines and drive more traffic to their site. With all these features and benefits, WordPress is a great option for small businesses looking to build a professional and effective online presence.

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