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Practical Steps For Local SEO Success To Savor

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get very technical. But there are practical steps that even local businesses can take to boost their online visibility. Although Google’s algorithms for search results are a well-guarded secret, the search engine giant has identified key ingredients to their secret sauce for local SEO. Here are the key ingredients for local SEO success:

Local SEO: Ingredients To The Secret Sauce

  1. Google Business Profile account (formerly known as Google My Business)
  2. Properly structured web pages with keywords
  3. NAP
  4. Internal links and secure external links
  5. Refreshed content
  6. Time

1 – The first step towards boosting your local business’s online visibility is to create a Google Business Profile account. This will help Google recognize your business and its location. Make sure to fill out all the relevant information on your profile. (And don’t forget to add your business to other map services like Bing Maps.)

2 – The second step is to structure your website properly. Google wants to see logically linked pages, including Home, About, and Contact pages. Additionally, make sure your website has properly written and structured headings and sections. Use keywords in your headings to establish credibility and authenticity. And do your research for the words and phrases that your target customers use to search for. Use these keywords and phrases in your headings, content, captions, callouts, and graphics.

3 – Another factor search engines consider is a consistently written NAP (name, address, and phone number) is also important. Make sure to use the same format across your website, even abbreviations.

With a few steps, your website can be at the fingertips of your target customers.

4 – Another ingredient is links. Your site needs them. You will need logical internal links among your own pages, as well as links to other credible and authentic websites. External links from other credible websites are also valuable. Also, Google rewards secure websites, so make sure your website has an SSL certificate (“https” in the URL).

5 – Stir occasionally. Or, rather, make sure to refresh your content frequently. Google likes to see websites with updated content, and will “forget” websites with old, unchanged content. Pay attention to keywords. Use the opportunity to review what pages are being visited and ignored.

Indexing your website will take some time

6 – Like a dish that needs time to cook, it will take time for Google to crawl and catalog your website’s content. Submitting the site structure to Google Search Console will speed up the process. While you can always buy a spot at the top of the results with sponsored Google ads, these can be expensive. Most users still click on the organic search results.

Final Thoughts On Local SEO

What Google wants to see in a website is credibility and authenticity. By following these practical steps, you can establish credibility and authenticity, improving your local business’s online visibility and attract more potential customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of Morgan Web Solutions’ services.


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